My account and my order

To create an account Marie Severac, you can join on the following link: Create an account
It will also be suggested to you to create an account during your first order.
To order online at Marie's Severac's is very simple. In the menu, choose the category of products that you wish, then choose your products. On the page of the selected product click on "Add to cart ". When you finished your selection, click on the icon " My Cart " in the menu. Let be guided then to finalize the purchase.
Click on the “my account” link located in the left-hand side menu.
Enter your email address.
A new password will automatically be sent to you.

My delivery

• 24h TNT express delivery
In Relais Colis® parcel depots: €14
At the office: €16
At home: €19

• So colissimo delivery
Zone France: Mainland France, Monaco
48h standard, no signature required, Home colissimo: €10
48h at a local shopkeeper: €8
48h, signature required Home colissimo: €12
48h, appointment delivery Home colissimo: €15

Zone 1: Overseas: Guadeloupe , Martinique, Réunion, Guyana, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
Standard colissimo in mail box, 5 to 7 working days: €33
Signature required colissimo, 5 to 7 working days: €38

Zone 2: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Expert international, signature required colissimo, 5 to 7 working days (tentative delivery times): €15
Zone 3: Austria, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland

Expert international, signature required colissimo, 5 to 7 working days (tentative delivery times): €18

Other countries: Estimate required: please contact us.
To get your parcel before Christmas, you must order before December 19th 2015 for mainland France.
For all shipments outside the European Union, your recipient may have to pay taxes and custom duties to claim their parcel.

Products preservation

If you want to continue the ripening of the Severac, you should place it in a dark room, with a 99% humidity rate and a constant temperature of 10°C. It is also recommended to turn it over and scrub it regularly.
However, at the time of buying, the Severac has already been ripened between 3 and 7 months – the ideal period before eating it. To enjoy it quickly after receiving it, you should place it in the refrigerator, ideally wrapped in a piece of cloth.
Two types of dates may be displayed on packagings: either an expiry date (ED) or a best before date (BBD).
The expiry date (ED) is an absolute limit and is indicated on packagings by the words: Use by…, followed by the corresponding day and month. This date applies to sensitive foodstuffs, often rich in water, which may pose a risk to human health after a short span of time. This date should be strictly adhered to and expired products should not be consumed, especially if the storage or preservation temperature indicated on packagings was not respected (break in the cold chain). Indeed, a product’s durability and its expiry date, set by regulations or by the producer, depend on the temperature at which the foodstuff was kept.
However, some products display a best before date (BBD) indicated on packagings by the words: Best before…, After this date, the foodstuff does not pose a risk for human health but it may offer a tasting experience of lesser quality (in terms of taste, texture, etc.).

Information on the payment

Once your order will have been validated, you will get an order confirmation email.
Your card will only be debited at the time of dispatch. If one item from your order was not available, we will get in touch with you either by email or by phone. Additionally, we will only debit you the price of the available items.
Paying by credit card is completely secure on the Marie Severac website – which is equipped with the 3-D Secure system.
Your order will be debited in Euro.
We accept payments with the following cards:
debit cards: CB, VISA, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO,
charge cards: American Express, Cofinoga, Cetelem, JCB, e-carte bleue