This French “House” originated in the French Cantal area, at the foot of the Puy Mary and Puy Griou mountains in Mandailles, at the heart of Auvergne volcanoes.  One particular type of cheese marked its inception: the “Severac” – a unique product embodying the family cheese making expertise.



Marie Severac – the elder of the Severac family – started to make cheese in the 1900’s to add value to the small, family farming business. She made raw milk cheeses using traditional methods and 2,000 years old production secrets, and the method of production still follows this tradition today. 





To continue this family tradition for making authentic products, their great grandson, Pierre, created the delicatessen shop MARIE SEVERAC. Its founding element, the Severac cheese, is a symbol of the gourmet philosophy of the house: “Purely authentic”.

Today, the third generation of the family keeps on making this exceptional cheese and rigorously selects partners sharing their passion for authenticity.



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